Child abduction to and from the UK.

Blair Allison / Child abduction to and from the UK

Child abduction to and from the UK

Child Abduction is the term used for the situation when a child is taken outside of England and Wales or brought to the UK when they should not have been.

It may be the case that your child has been taken to a country without your knowledge and consent or has been kept in a country for example after a visit to family.

Or you may have brought a child to the UK and are being accused of abducting that child.

In situations such as these you will require expert legal advice about what steps need to be taken in the UK and sometimes abroad in order to enforce or protect your rights.

Virtually all of these cases take place in the High Court and require swift action, tactical awareness and most importantly a detailed legal knowledge .This is a highly complex and technical area where there are different rules that apply depending upon the country that the child is or has been and the regulations and case law are constantly changing.

We have dealt with cases from throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

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