Divorce and dissolution of Civil Partnerships.

Blair Allison / Divorce and dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Divorce and dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Divorce and separation is one of the most difficult experiences to go through.

We will ensure that you receive clear advice about how a marriage is brought to an end, whether you are the person applying to bring the marriage to an end (often called the Petitioner) or the person receiving a petition for divorce (often called the Respondent).

We will advise you upon the grounds for divorce and the court process of bringing the marriage to an end.

We shall also advise you on the costs of the proceedings, both in terms of the work that we have to do and the court fees that have to be paid unless you are able to apply to court to waive the court fees.

The process for dissolving Civil Partnerships is similar to that of divorce. We will advise you on the grounds to bring a civil partnership to an end, the process to be followed and the costs of the proceedings.

There are often tactical decisions to be made about the timing of the proceedings and what should be contained in a petition or response to a petition, we will advise you of the best tactical approach.

Our aim is to get you through this period in the best shape possible.


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