Domestic Violence including Injunctions.

Blair Allison / Domestic Violence including Injunctions

Domestic Violence including Injunctions

There are steps that can be taken to protect you and your loved one’s from violence, threats and harassment.

If you are in need of protection you need it quickly and from someone who has the experience to help you, including going to court and if needed, taking enforcement action on your behalf

Domestic violence is a term that includes a wide range of behaviour including violence, threatening violence, sexual harm, emotional and psychological threats, in fact anything that causes harm to another or has the potential to cause harm

It is the sad reality that it is very common and it effects men as well as women.

You can get an injunction against;

A husband or wife or an ex-husband or wife

A current or former partner

A family member who is causing you problems

An application can be made for an injunction for the following protection:

  • A Non molestation injunction order that prevents the other person from using or threatening violence, harassing pestering or causing problems in any other way. It can be drafted to exclude pretty much any particular behaviour that is causing or has the potential to cause harm.
  • An occupation order that can exclude a person from a property or if they have left from returning to the property. In appropriate cases the court can impose an ‘exclusion zone’ around the property.

Breach of such orders is now an arrestable offence and, if not to be dealt with by the police, can be punishable by applying to court for the person to be sent to prison for contempt of court.

It must also be recognised that sometimes false allegations are made and if that is the case you will need help in defending yourself against these allegations

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