International Family Law Problems.

Blair Allison / International Family Law Problems

International Family Law Problems

Given that families move between countries and relationships increasingly develop between people from different countries, it is of no surprise that there is an increasing need for advice on International Family Law Issues.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Advice on whether proceedings should be issues in the UK or abroad
  • Advice on proceeding that are or may be issued in another country
  • Advice on the implications of international conventions and European law on your problem
  • Enforcement  of orders made abroad in the UK
  • Enforcement of  orders made in the UK abroad

Cases with international dimensions bring their own special complications and require expert advice. Where there are arguments about which country divorce or other proceedings should be issued advice is needed on which jurisdiction is likely to be better for you tactically, bearing in mind the different law and procedure in other jurisdictions and the costs of bringing proceedings in the UK and abroad.

Advice can be given on finance and children cases.


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