Resolving children problems including living and contact arrangements.

Blair Allison / Resolving children problems including living and contact arrangements

Resolving children problems including living and contact arrangements

It is unfortunately common for there to be disagreements about the arrangements for children. This either happens when the relationship breaks down or sometimes months or years later.

Usually the disagreements involve the parents of the children, but there are occasions where the dispute involves other important relationships, such as with grandparents and for siblings to see each other.

The best thing for the children is for there to be an agreement about what should happen, and if you are able to agree matters, there will be no need for the court to be involved.

However if you are not able to resolve where the children should live , who the children should live with and what time they should spend in contact with the other parent or other family members , the court can make an order about what should happen.

These orders are called Child Arrangements Orders. They have replaced the orders which used to be called Residence orders and Contact orders.

Parents who were married at the time that the children were born share parental responsibility , and where both parents’ names appear on the birth certificate , parental responsibility is shared , but there are occasions where a parent (usually a father) does not have parental responsibility and will need to take steps to acquire it either by agreement or making an application to court. We can assist in these circumstances.

We are able to advise and assist you in what steps you can and should take in order to achieve the best outcome.

We are experienced in dealing with everything from the simplest to the most complex types of disputes that can come before the court.

You will have a lawyer who will be able to take you through each stage of the process from first meeting to being there for you at court hearings.

If you only want to use us for certain parts of the process that is a matter for you.


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