Variation of existing orders.

Blair Allison / Variation of existing orders

Variation of existing orders

If there is an existing court order, whether it is a financial order or an order in respect of children and there is a change in circumstances that means that the previous order needs to be changed, we can assist you in making an application for the variation of the existing order.

If there is an existing order that you cannot comply with because circumstances have changes, it is important for you to get advice on applying to vary that order. If you do not, you are at risk of enforcement action against you .Judges expect orders to be complied with, or if someone can not comply with the order, that they take steps to vary the order. A Judge will be very unhappy if you just bury your head in the sand or expect someone else to take steps.

Sometimes you may want to vary the order because you feel that things have changed and you should be better off than you were under the existing order.

For example you may want to increase the amount of time you spend with children or may want to increase the amount of maintenance you receive.

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